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Robert P. Killian & Bonnie Killian Turner

Robert P. Killian &
Bonnie Killian Turner
Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

Our Promise

What Clients Should Expect from Their Lawyers

There are two main competing models that law firms use in the representation of clients. One is where the management of your case provided in large part by a so-called case manager, who is often not even a lawyer. The other is for management to be provided primarily by lawyers.

At the Killian Law Firm, we believe that hands on management provided by lawyers is by far the superior form of representation. Although we too have non-lawyer staff members, both Robert P. Killian and Bonnie Killian Turner will work together on your case and communicate with you often. We mean it when we say “Clients don’t bother us when they call us, they bother us when they don’t call.” We do not understand how a client can be adequately represented without frequent communication between lawyers and the client.

You can readily identify a case manager based law firm. When you make your first contact with the law firm about potential representation, the receptionist cannot tell you who your lawyer will be. They offer to send a non-lawyer to your home to have you sign a contract. You get a call or a letter from your case management style law firm telling you who your case manager will be. It is difficult to ever speak to an attorney.

We recommend that you hire Robert P. Killian and Bonnie Killian Turner of the Killian Law Firm.