What should I do if a semi starts to come in my lane on the highway?

If a semi-truck is merging into you on the highway, there is little you can do but try to get out of the way. In most cases, you will end up in an accident. It is far better to learn how to avoid the situation in the first place. Driving on the road with large trucks is something you will encounter. They are on roads across the country. Staying safe around trucks starts with realizing they are much bigger than you and therefore, you have to watch out for yourself. 

The Los Angeles Times explained how large trucks have huge blind spots. The general rule is that if you cannot see the side mirror on a truck, then the driver cannot see you. This is a good rule, but it is not absolute. You need to make sure that you stay out of any area where the driver may not see you, which includes being beside the truck. 

If you want or need to pass a truck, make sure to follow proper procedures. Turn on your signal and even give a light honk. Then, proceed past the truck swiftly. Do not try to pass if you cannot do so quickly. 

If a truck starts signaling to move over, respect the signal. Take it as a warning that the truck is coming over and move out of the way. This may mean slowing down. Remember that a truck is much larger than your vehicle. If there is a collision, it is your vehicle and your body that will take the brunt of the impact, so you need to give the right of way to the truck instead of risking an accident. 

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