Driver negligence continues to claim lives

As more and more new cars, trucks, vans and sport utility vehicles roll off the manufacturing floor equipped with advanced safety and accident prevention features, you might assume that people are safer on the roads today. Sadly, records show that more people are being killed in automobile accidents and many of those deaths occur in accidents caused by the completely unnecessary and negligent choices of drivers.

Alcohol- and speeding-related deaths

Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that alcohol and speeding contributed to 25% and 18% all vehicular fatalities across Georgia in 2018, respectively. Those percentages were higher than in 2017 when drunk drivers were responsible for 23% of all statewide accident deaths and speeders were responsible for 16% of all statewide accident deaths.

The actual numbers may be more alarming than the percentages. In 2017, drunk drivers killed 356 people and speeding drivers killed 248 people. The following year, those numbers rose to 375 and 267, respectively. When looking back five years to 2013, drunk driving deaths in the state numbered 279 and deaths in crashes involving excessive speed numbered 213. Even one such death is a tragedy but the fact that more people are being killed in these senseless accidents today makes the need for action clear.

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