What should I do after a pedestrian accident?

It is the duty of Georgia drivers to watch for pedestrians and drive with caution when people are near the road. Unfortunately, pedestrian deaths occur every year, and pedestrians who do survive an accident may face a long period of recovery. People who make it through the aftermath of an auto accident should do what they can to protect their rights to pursue compensation. 

Because pedestrians are at heavy risk for a life-threatening injury, your first priority after a vehicular accident is to receive medical care. Time is of the essence, as some injuries can be fatal if not treated as soon as possible. Assuming you have a stabilized condition and you are able to take proactive steps, there are a number of things you can do to bolster your case for damages. 

First, preserving information is important. You should document everything that you recall about the accident. Letting too much time pass runs the risk of you forgetting key details. You also want to write down details about your injuries. If your injury has caused you to miss work, you also need to write down the wages you have lost, or anything else you have missed out on due to the accident. 

You also want to gather evidence concerning your accident. The driver who hit you may try to claim that you were responsible in some way for your injuries. The other driver may even claim not to have been there at all. If you find yourself still on the scene after the incident, take photographs of the vehicle that struck you and the surrounding area. If witnesses were present during the accident, talk to them and make sure their accounts line up with yours. 

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