What if you’re pinned beneath your motorcycle?

Georgia residents like you who ride motorcycles understand that you are at risk of greater injury if you are ever involved in a crash. One potential situation you could run into is if your motorcycle falls on you, crushing you and pinning you to the road or another vehicle. 

If you are pinned between two or more heavy items, this can result in what is known as a crush injury. Medline Plus takes a look at crush injuries and how they can affect your body. Crush injuries can cause a number of damaging effects, including lacerations, infection, broken bones, and external and internal bruising. The severity depends on how long you are trapped and how heavy the pressure is, but it can range from debilitating to deadly. 

In severe instances of crush injuries, individuals are left suffering from permanent damage to the nerves, muscles, skin, soft tissue, and more. If a limb is deprived of oxygenated blood long enough, it is even possible that it may need to be amputated due to cell death. 

Though it is possible to recover from crush injuries, the road to recovery can be long, arduous, and expensive. It may require physical therapy. You may need surgery to repair the damage. If your nerves are permanently damaged, you may need pain medication or other types of medicine for life. Some people who suffer from these injuries also require mental health care due to the traumatic impact it can have. When all is said and done, these injuries are serious and can alter your life forever. 

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