What happens when a truck jackknives?

Across Georgia, many different types of people and vehicles alike share the roads. Because of this variety, you may find yourself running into danger in unexpected places. One possible example can be found in commercial trucks, which may jackknife without warning. But what does it mean when a truck jackknifes, and why is it a potential issue for you? 

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines jackknifing as an act in which one item turns in on itself at a 90 degree (or less) angle. In the case of a commercial truck, this refers to the trailer and tractor parts of the vehicle. Jackknifing can be caused by a number of things, including hasty braking or improper loading techniques. Unfortunately, even something as small as unbalanced weight in the trailer can cause this to occur. It is also common for trucks to jackknife in inclement weather, especially if the truck itself has not been properly prepared for snow or ice. 

When a truck jackknives, the trailer can end up swinging across multiples lanes of a highway. This creates the risk of it hitting many other cars in its path. Additionally, it can cause blockages on the road. Because of the sudden roadblock, other vehicles may be forced to brake suddenly, which can lead to the cars behind them hitting them. One truck jackknifing can cause pile-up accidents that can potentially take hours to clear. 

Jackknifing incidents can cause great harm to many other vehicles and people on the roads. It is important to understand just how dangerous these vehicles can be, especially if you share the road with them. 

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