Misconceptions in slip and falls jeopardize cases on firm ground

You were at the shop just off Gloucester Street, when you lost your footing and came crashing to the ground. Now you’re going over what you know about slip and fall cases while enduring the sharp pains, but common misconceptions may have you second-guessing your claim before you even make it.

Falls result in more than 2.8 million visits to the emergency room each year, and over 800,000 of those that fell required extended hospitalization. Slip and fall injuries are no small matter, which is why property owners generally need to ensure their premises are safe for visitors. There are situations where you may not have a claim, but don’t let false assumptions derail your case. Make sure you know the facts before you decide to handle the repercussions of a spill on your own.

Recovering from a fall

Misconceptions abound in these types of personal injury cases:

  • Your fault: Even if a slip and fall accident was partly your fault because you were distracted or in a hurry, that wouldn’t likely bar you from seeking compensation. Because Georgia is a comparative fault state, the courts could measure your percentage of the blame and decrease your final settlement by that amount.
  • Sign shortcoming: It may be tough to get around the defense that a property owner put up a caution sign, but it’s not a done deal. There are a few ways that a warning might not provide the coverage you think, like when it’s posted in an inconspicuous spot, it’s too far from the hazard or doesn’t make the type of danger clear.
  • Timelessness: You may think as long as you can prove the connection between the property and your injury, you’ve got a case. But that’s probably not the reality, as there is a statute of limitations on slip and fall injuries. The clock usually starts on the day of the incident.

Get the compensation you deserve after a slip and fall incident. Avoid common pitfalls when considering your options, and get the help you need to get on the road to recovery.

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