How can sidewalks trip you up?

Georgia residents like you who visit public spaces with sidewalks trust that these sidewalks – along with other pieces of public or private property used frequently by pedestrians – will be well-maintained. Unfortunately, that may not always be the case. If a sidewalk is poorly maintained, it can hurt you, too. 

There are many ways that sidewalks can become dangerous and cause you to slip, trip or fall. In the winter, it is possible for sidewalks to ice over. If shop owners don’t take the time out to sprinkle salt or put up warning signs, you can easily slip on it. This is especially true of black ice, which is difficult for the naked eye to spot. 

However, even if the conditions aren’t icy, you can still hurt yourself. For example, trees are often planted along sidewalks to improve the appearance. However, the tree roots can grow below the sidewalks, causing the concrete slabs to buckle and become uneven. If you don’t realize it in time, you can trip on the uneven parts. 

It is up to others to ensure your safety when using sidewalks. In some cases, the sidewalk may belong to the city. In others, it may be private property and the property owner is who would be held liable for any injury you may face because of your slip and fall incident. 

Dangerous sidewalks are just one source of potential injury you may come across in your ventures outside. If you are interested in reading more about premise liability cases, take a look at our web page linked here to learn more. 

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